10.June 2014 Back from Bavaria, we had a lot of fun. A sensational outspoken comment came from LIS "Turn up the guitars!" These are the Titles of the new Album: Season of the witch Last Warrior Singers course Evil Spirit Taleysin True until the end The harper in the wind Trail of tears Differnet eyes Runescape At the end of the world At the moment, I having conversations with different labels to the release of the CD. Cheers Stoney 29.March 2014 Stormwitch Studio update ! The recording to Drums and Bass are complete. The first guitar tracks are recorded and some songs are already completed for the vocals. 26.Febuary 2014 Once again some have tried to hack our contact form, we have finally removed this. For all enquiries to us, we are now exclusively through our Facebook page available 06.Febuary 2014 What's happening? Stoney produced our new CD and spends several hours in the Studio every day. Still, conversations with operators for a few shows are in 2014. We look forward and look forward to the new CD.
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Short News
18.June 2014 Back to the roots, thanks a lot to Minz Meyer for the fantastic work! 16.June 2014 Andy relaxing after the recordings. After 10 years we made it a true Powerful Metal CD! With Season of the witch the Band strikes back and we all can't wait for the release of the Album. The Album was recorded and Produced by  Stoney, all the Tracks are much more a lttle bit heavy but always in the style of the 80's. In August the Band present some of the new Tracks at the Rockova Ostrava Fest in Czech Republic.
23.July 2014
The rehearsals for the Ostrava show started. There are 4 new songs from the upcoming CD "Season of the witch". For the first time we play "Last Warrior, Season of the witch, Evil spirit and Taleysin" the rest of the Set is a mixed form the old classics. Andy and Peter still remember very well the fans and the show in Ostrava in 1989, it is a great pleasure for us to be again there after 25 years.